Website | GRAD

Grad Home Page

GRAD conducts technical workshops for students on automation, robotics and design. Designed graphics and redesigned logo. Developed read more... for page load speeds and browser compatiblity. HTML CSS website powered by PHP, MySQL with jQuery fallbacks for older browser. Build upon HTML5 boilerplate. ...hide it

Website | Abhidhya

Abhidhya Home Page

Abhidhya is a child education NGO working for weaker sections of society. Designed the logo. Dynamic site with a blog and read more... private admin panel for posting new info which gets updated on home page along with the latest blogposts. HTML CSS website powered by PHP, MySQL build upon HTML5 boilerplate. ...hide it

Website | Dota2Noob

Dota2Noob Home

Dota2Noob my first site. Provided a simple intro into Dota2 heroes and links to various usefull Dota and Garena utilites.

Template | StarWars

StarWars Template HomPage

Live Demo

Starwars Website: A lean, mobile-friendly HTML CSS website powered by PHP, MySQL build upon HTML5 boilerplate, compatible across major browsers. Download


Social Sprites


Simple Ready to use Social Icon sprite. 3 diff resolutions of sprites to choose from use them anywhere on your website.

Awesome ComingSoon Page

Awesome ComingSoon Page


Awesome coming soon splash page with email signup. HTML5 web form for email subscription. PHP backend and MySql database.


Marilyn'n'Me Rainmeter Theme by flankerad


Rainmeter is a awesome desktop customization tool for windows. Marilyn'n'Me is theme created for rainmeter inspired by the wallpaper.


Rainmeter Bluedesktop


Rainmeter customization themes are collection of various new and modified for similar visual appearance.

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